Speechwriting and Presentation Structure

There are, of course, a large number of people who have a specific need – such as a pitch, a conference presentation or a speech – and want tailored assistance to deliver that.

That’s why I also offer a one-to-one service for clients who want specific assistance with a particular presentation they have to give.

This can take the form of:

  • Advice on how to structure and deliver a presentation to a particular audience
  • Writing a speech for you to deliver
  • Helping you to identify audience types and to use words that will influence those particular audiences
  • Dealing with issues of confidence and nerves.
  • Assisting you through the rehearsal process.

I can offer short- or long-term support for clients who may be:

  • About to carry out a pitch presentation
  • Giving regular large or small-scale presentations
  • Giving a one-off yearly update to employees

For further information, please contact me and we can discuss how my Speechwriting and Presentation Structure Services can help you.

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