Presentation Skills Training

I have created – with my colleague Sam Bond ( – a highly successful training course for small groups (1-4 people) entitled ‘Presenting with Impact‘.

The focus is on responding to your needs as they appear on the day, rather than teaching a pre-packaged ‘presentation-by-numbers’ approach.
That means we run a series of rigorous, practical, thought-provoking, skill-based sessions that will enable you to:

  • Identify your current strengths and areas for improvements
  • Have regular opportunities to present and see your skill level change throughout the day
  • Take part in interactive sessions that illustrate how you – and others – absorb information in different ways
  • Learn how to choose the right words to influence different types of audience
  • Learn how to structure your material in a logical and influential way
  • Learn the basic skills for controlling nerves and lack of confidence
  • Learn how to use your voice effectively through a number of vocal exercises

These sessions can be delivered over one or two days – depending upon your needs – and for groups of 4-6 people. For further information, please contact me and we can discuss how Presentation Skills Training can help you.

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