The level of support I can offer ranges from:

  • Pre-event

    • Event planning: consulting on event structure, writing event outlines, writing presentations and topic guides.
  • On the day

    • Facilitating large-scale events, using interactive media to monitor audience knowledge and opinion (Crystal etc.); running Q&A sessions with ministers/senior managers.
  • Post-event

    • Report writing

I have facilitated a wide range of meetings including:

  • UK government consultations and events (100 to 300 people) including:
    • Genetically Modified Foods
    • BBC Charter Review
    • Managed Migration
    • English for Speakers of Other Languages
    • 14-19 Education Reform
    • Long-term reform of UK Social Care system
    • Children’s Workforce Development Council,
    • The Carers Strategy
    • Social Mobility
    • The Future of the UK Economy
    • The Department of Health Food Mark
    • Eliminating Global Poverty
  • Employee events (50 to 600 people)
  • Senior management forums with major clients/stakeholders
  • Small employee discussion groups
  • Consumer focus groups