Facilitation Skills Training

There is an increasing need – in situations where it doesn’t make financial sense to employ an outside facilitator – for clients to be able to facilitate smaller-scale internal meetings themselves.

In these cases I offer facilitation skills training to help you structure and deliver a well-defined and well-run session.

However, facilitation requires – as many people have discovered – a distinctly different mindset to presenting.

Presenting may, on occasions, be about enthusing, informing, motivating, or even warning an audience. It also requires a knowledge and use of certain rhetorical techniques.

Facilitation is somewhat different.

Facilitation requires you to act as the spokesperson for the audience. It requires you to find ways of getting everyone in the group to participate.
You need to be impartial so that the group doesn’t feel that you have your own ‘agenda’ that they are supposed to agree with. It needs you to be aware of voice tone, word choice and body language so that you can spot the ‘hidden’ questions and make sure they get voiced.

With my knowledge of working with a wide variety of groups in the UK and the US – from focus groups through to large-scale meetings – I can offer advice on how to structure and run a well-facilitated session with clear outcomes and parameters.

For further information, please contact me and we can discuss how my Facilitation skills Training can help you or your businesss.

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