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Childrens Workforce Development Council

Appointed initially in 2008 and again in 2009 to facilitate CWDC’s annual events. These events are designed to engage and inform the people working with young children around the country about the broader changes affecting the workforce and how CWDC can support them.

I was subsequently asked to facilitate a number of events aimed at explaining the new Qualifications and Credit Framework to the wider workforce. This is designed – over time – to improve not only the qualifications of the workforce as whole, but also their professional standing.

These events have proved to be a great success at engaging their target audience.


Eliminating Global Poverty Consultation

Appointed as lead facilitator by The Department for International Development (DFID) for a series of consultation events to discuss the White Paper entitled ‘Building Our Common Future‘.

The White Paper was launched at a time when “The worst global downturn in 60 years threatens to put 90 million into poverty [and] Climate change and conflict threaten the lives of the poor.” As a result, DFID argued that “rather than turn away when things get tough we need to redouble our efforts.  Development is not only morally right, but it is in our shared interest.”

The aim of the events was discuss the White Paper and get feedback from a range of audiences from around the UK.


Central Office of Information

I have worked with the COI since the summer of 2003 when I facilitated the GM Nation public debates around the UK. Since then I have been appointed by them to work with many government departments and non-governmental bodies.

From my client at the COI: “Finding someone who can bring such consistency to high level facilitation is rare.  Aidan’s contribution is always considered, thoughtful and measured and has meant that many of our clients now ask for him over and over again”