A 5-step process for the ‘time-poor’ presenter

There are any number of reasons why people fail to practice their presenting skills, but perhaps the most pernicious of all is the “I don’t need to practice, I want be spontaneous” myth.

This argument is normally heard from people who don’t have enough time to prepare their material – because of work pressures.

And then they stand up in front of an audience – big or small – and try to ‘wing it’, in the often vain hope that something will happen to carry them through.

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Childrens Workforce Development Council

Appointed initially in 2008 and again in 2009 to facilitate CWDC’s annual events. These events are designed to engage and inform the people working with young children around the country about the broader changes affecting the workforce and how CWDC can support them.

I was subsequently asked to facilitate a number of events aimed at explaining the new Qualifications and Credit Framework to the wider workforce. This is designed – over time – to improve not only the qualifications of the workforce as whole, but also their professional standing.

These events have proved to be a great success at engaging their target audience.

Websites: http://www.cwdcouncil.org.uk

Diana Memorial Fund

Appointed to work with the Fund’s trustees and management when the Fund was originally set up. Helped to devise the strap line “The Work Continues” and carried out one-to-one interviews with trustees of the Fund and to help inform the direction of the Fun’s charitable work. Subsequently wrote report summarising the findings for the Trustees to use as a basis for future decisions. This work was carried out for John Whittington, formerly owner of OneWorld Communications and now founder of The Riverbank Partnership.

Websites: http://www.theworkcontinues.org and http://www.theriverbankpartnership.com